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Gifts of Hope

Give a Gift with meaning with a Gift of Hope

Give a Gift of Hope this Christmas and help Kiwi whanau in need get the support they need this Christmas, and beyond. It may seem simple on the surface, but the things you are giving when you give a donation are so much deeper. It starts with your gift, a gift that begins a journey of holistic transformation. 

You could:

Give Choice with a gift amount of your choice— and put a smile on a person’s face because you have given them options for their future.

Give Hope with a Financial Mentoring Session—and provide budgeting skills to help families out of debt.

Give Peace with a Positive Lifestyle Programme Session—and strengthen someone's mana so they are able to deal with life's challenges. 

Give A Future with Early Childhood Education—and nurture our next generation as they prepare for school.

Give Courage with a counselling session—and give people in need the opportunity to find a positive new direction.

Give Security with wraparound accommodation support—and provide all the supports necessary for a family moving into housing.

Give Joy with a gift under the tree or food support—and bring a genuine smile to those who may have otherwise gone without.

Give Whānau Social Supports—to provide immediate and effective social support to a family in crisis.

Give Aroha with wraparound care for those struggling with stress,hardship or addictions—and help them find connection and purpose as they navigate their journey. 

Give a Gift of Hope today and transform someone's life.