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Our Values


We will live, worship and work in a way that is inclusive, connected and open. We will practise mutuality: being with and for one another. We will practise hospitality: being not just welcoming but radically open and oriented to one another. We will celebrate diversity, believing that God calls us to be in unity, not uniformity. We will practise kinship: a belonging that is without condition as we answer the call to love our neighbour as ourselves despite our differences. Being connected is practising ‘love in action’.

We are connected to God and to the communities within which we work, worship, serve and belong. We connect through welcoming spaces, generosity and encouragement, and through seeing and embracing the whole person. We connect while honouring diversity of thought, culture and worldview. We connect by putting love before judgement, and by making space for each other’s voices.


People are at the centre of who we are and what we do, and our processes will prioritise people. Wherever there is hardship, need or injustice, we seek to bring the heart of God—to bring ‘love in action’—to all people, but most especially to those in vulnerable situations and circumstances, and those who are hurting and who are marginalised.

We believe there is room for all. We will be open-hearted, respectful and kind to those we work and worship with, and all those we encounter in our living and our ministry. Because of our desire to model the compassion we see in the life and ministry of Jesus, we will demonstrate humble, passionate, intentional compassion that moves out into the world to bring all the flavours of Christ’s love.


We will be open, curious and innovative. We seek to respond to the changing realities of human need and not to simply do what we have done before. We serve Christ, not the status quo, and will cultivate a holy imagination as we follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. We will seek God’s will, and seek to understand our times. We will celebrate what is and dream of what will be, as we follow Christ’s call to be his presence in the world.

We will strive to be more transparent and more collaborative. We will serve those we are called to, by being adaptable, eager to learn and focused on mission that responds to real human needs, rather than prioritising our own convenience or settling for the things we know. We seek the best ideas, not just our own ideas; and we see each other as partners in mission. We will practise partnership both within the Army and as we seek to be part of the communities in which we serve. As we become more open to one another, we believe that we shall also find hope, joy and peace in our service, our worship and our partnership with others.


We will be people who stand up. We will stand up through our integrity. We will be accepting of ourselves and others, willing to learn from our mistakes, and realistic about our strengths,

challenges and capabilities. We will ask for help, and be eager to lift up others. We will stand up with passion, giving our all and contributing our voice without insisting on our own way or simply holding to our own rights. We will stand up by saying what we mean, and practising what we preach. And we will do the right thing in the right way at all times.

We are genuine, honest, authentic and consistent. We will give our all and believe the best of one another. We will be holistic in our thinking and transparent in our practice. We acknowledge our motives and are generous in our giving of ourselves and our resources. We serve God who called us, believing that hope and love and pragmatic kindness can change the world.